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Visible Press

We are proud to announce that ITDC is the sole distributor of Visible Press in Turkey. Visible press was founded in January 2020 to fill a gap. It aims to publish quality books in English covering areas other publishers do not address – or address only scantily. We selected the name ‘Visible’ carefully: on the one hand, we intend to make visible, within the frame of English medium publishing, countries and cultures that have too long been invisible, or glimpsed only indistinctly through the Western lens. Within the idea of globalism, we consider communication between cultures is of paramount importance, to exchange ideas and values, and appreciate the diversity of human experience. Read more...

Classic Readers Catalogue
myON News

myON News

myON News provides K–12 students with age-appropriate news articles 52 weeks per year. Articles are timely, interactive, clearly sourced, and cover a range of topics. Students learn about the world around them as they develop stronger digital and media literacy skills.

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EYG Yayinlari

EYG Yayinlari offers new-gen learning materials. We have all the tools that students and teachers need in order to prepare for exams, which are also aligned with the new curriculum. Hundreds of questions and problems have been made by teachers who are experts in their own area. EYG provides a special application which supports remote education. With this app teachers will be able to give homework, make tests and to check the level of their students’ knowledge, whenever they want, wherever they are. It also enables the students to track the correct answers and their own success. Read more...

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